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The Pandemic we are ignoring

World has seen a devastating 2 and half years since we first heard about the Pandemic Covid_19 . We have faced the pandemic with courage and since the beginning of this pandemic we have seen the multiple variants , introduction of vaccines , oxygen shortage , Shortage of Hospital beds to world going for some toughest lockdowns .

Whole world was talking about it , big Pharma companies were busy developing vaccines and countries selling it to other countries .

World Health Organisation was taking it so seriously that since last two years the name WHO became a household name .

But when all these things were going on we forget that kids are losing their childhood , school friends and real life learning . All of those innocent souls were sitting infront of laptop and mobile phones to finish their classes . I don't know what most of them were learning but for sure they have shown the courage to accept the pandemic as their part of life without even complaining .

I have been mentoring students since last 13 years , I have seen and mentored all kinds of students . Some were very weak in studies , some were average and some were outstanding . Most of the students come from the age group of 15-19 years old .

Never in my life I have met so many students who were facing some or the other kind of mental health related issues but the problem is that we are still in that phase where this is not even considered as a problem .

Today , I want to talk about the problem which is now knocked the door of million of us but we are not accepting that it is ACTUALLY AN ILLNESS which has to be dealt with the same seriousness like any other illness or covid .

This problem does not give you fever or body ache but it is killing many of us from inside , so much so that kids between the age group of 15-20 years old thinks that suicide is a better option than living . Just imagine what kind of things must be going in their young minds that suicide become an easy option than to solve the basic problems of life .

If you are reading my blog today then I want to say few things which might help you if you are going through the same phase of life . Mental health is as important as your regular health . Speaking about your problem is the first thing you must do . Go to your parents , grand parents and ask for the help . They are the one who only thinks good about you and your life . Forget about what the society will think about you . Because no in the cruel and competitive society cares about you .

Ignore social media , On the social media , you only see the good side of one's life . No one shows the other side of their life . Life is much more than social media . It's beautiful , it has a meaning . Leave the meaningless life of social media , it is injurious. It harms your brain to the core , so much that you feel everyone around you are only negative about you and your real friends are only those who are liking and commenting on your post .

Major part of your brain is getting attracted by all the small icons on your phone which actually should not be the part of your life .

Try spending time talking to your parents and grand parents , they have lived their teenage without mobile phone and trust me their life was more rocking and had more meaning than the life of today's kid. Despite being living their life without 24 hours electricity, 24 hours TV and OTT's , shopping malls and night life , they have enjoyed their life to the core , without complains . Talk to your parents , ask about their early age stories and life lessons . You will understand how privileged you all are . Do not always count what you do not have , but count what you have . Once again I am not saying that you are at any fault if you are in depression but instead of feeling alone , the first thing you must do is to reach out to your parents and grand parents , they are your life's first friend . Rest all your friends are temporary .

Life is much more than studies and marks , life is much more than clearing any entrance exam and your life is much much much more than comparing your marks with your classmates or relatives . In real life , marks just remain a number . If you are good in academics , it is good but it is your duty as well to make sure that weaker academic students near you is not feeling jealous of you , rather it is your duty to help them . Life is not a 100 meters race , it's a marathon walk , the joy is not in running alone , joy is in running together and learn from each other's strength and weaknesses .

Everyone is gifted . Some are good in art and craft , some are good in music , few of you are good in reading books and some of you loves to watch movies . Some of you love social work and some of you loves sports dance and drama . Trust me getting a participation certificate in sports or painting is as valuable as getting 100/100 in your academics . Never gets depressed or never try to compete with anyone in this beautiful life . Life is not too short but also not too long to compete with anyone .

Enjoy your life , I hear from so many of you that you are in depression or getting into your depression because of some relationship . Trust me , this should never be a problem. There are millions of thing you can do rather making this idiotic thing a problem of your life . Move ahead and try to find out the meaning of your beautiful life . There is an age for everything .

Nurture your mind with the things which gives you happiness . Make friends with your parents , speak with them everyday , spend the minimum time on your phone . Go out and walk and mediate on your terrace or park . Make new friends in real life and don't count your followers on social media . Real life is much more meaningful than the reels of social media .

If you are facing any problem , speak out . Learn a new thing everyday . Go out and observe people . There are 1000's of problem in the world , but life never stops . If this life gives you problems then the same life also gives you same amount of happiness .

Live and Enjoy your beautiful life .

All the thoughts written in this article are my personal thoughts which might differ from your thought . My intention is not to hurt anyone's feeling .

Thank you for reading .

Sumit Saurabh

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