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The Unforgivable Indian COVID blunder

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Image : 2020 April , Delhi

When it all started in INDIA in the beginning of 2020 , we never thought that it can enter inside our home and start killing our loved ones . When the government announced multiple lockdown , we cried and pleaded that we do not need a lockdown , we Indians are smart enough to take all precautions . Let’s open the economy .

It was not new to us that if a catastrophic situation like what we are facing in April 2021 happens , we are not ready . Not only we , but counties like USA UK Italy France reached their saturation point when they hit the second wave . They had the best healthcare in the world , nothing hidden .

When government announced the first unlock , the head of states and central government mentioned that COVID is here to stay and the COVID situation in India is proportional to the precautions we are taking . They gradually opened the theatres , schools , parks , Restaurants , pubs , tourism and places for worship .

They started with 50% capacity , we were also performing good . The fear of COVID was then Fresh in our heart & mind . When the whole world was facing the second wave of COVID , we were watching how the system in those counties were giving up . Ten of thousands of us were dying across the globe everyday .

By the time we were moving towards the festive season , we almost stopped taking any care . Card parties , festival parties , market hopping , hill station trips were few of the most common pictures with 100’s of likes On social media . Unfortunately when our friends were uploading these pictures and sharing the stories , we were also not complaining but we were clapping for them .

If government and Health Care is wrong this time then have someone courage to accept that we were wrong that time . If government had one year to prepare themselves for this day , we also had one year to prepare our self .

As soon as Goa , Rajasthan , Maldives and Dubai opened their tourism , we didn’t foresee that one Day buying one oxygen cylinder will be much tougher than getting visa and air tickets for these places .

The day government opened the wine shops before ensuring that kids should be safe in school after reopening , we all should have understood the intention of all the governments , they need money .

When election Commission of India announced the Bihar elections , was it really tough to understand that for the rulers of India , our life has slid to the last priority in their list ?

The honourable courts of India , who comment on each and every topic couldn’t see the crowds in rallies , people on beaches ?

The whole system was like this since inception , but we trusted them more than ourselves during pandemic .

By the time we reached December and moved towards 2021 , forget about taking precautions , we stated making memes on 2020 and Covid .

Pic : taken from google

We were so casual about Covid that during the wedding season of 2020 and 2021 , we were dancing , smoking, drinking and meeting with 500 others in a closed wedding halls . Wearing mask was not so tough when it comes to save your life , but then we used to give the logic of our supreme immunity . Really ? 20 friends jumping in same swimming pool and uploading selfie on Instagram .

Seriously? wasn’t that our fault ? Wasn’t it was also our responsibility to name and shame our friends and relatives for the carelessness just like we are naming and shaming our politicians ? Why this double standard ?

While writing this article, I have an anger inside me for all of you including me .

When government implemented mask challan (fine) , we criticised the government, police and sometimes shouted on police . We as a society must take the responsibility for this mess .

This is a phase and it will go , but its also sure that 3rd wave will come . And we will get good time to prepare ourselves before that . Let’s see how we fight the Covid next time .

We are a country of 1.3 billion people , we can’t change everyone , but even if we change ourselves , we can change the system .

Elections will keep on coming , they will keep on calling you to rallies , but no one has forced you to join them . Expecting anything from our politicians and system is same as taking to a stone . When there were 1000 cases in India , we were washing our hands 20 times a day and when it reaches to 90000 in one day , we were making the plans for new year eve with 10 other fiends .

I pray for all those who lost the battle against Covid and pray to god that their families get the courage to move ahead in life without their dear ones . From the core of my heart I salute the doctors who against all the odds are trying their best to save us .

It’s better late than never , save yourself and your family , be a hero . Coming days will bring smiles and joy in our life , but it will come with a cost of discipline and restrictions in our life .

“Let’s mask up INDIA”

image : New Delhi , May 2020

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