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Living life , the Greece Way

Travelling Is India’s best Hobby for Rich and elites . But instead of learning from them we land up comparing India with other country and we leave no stone unturned to find flaws in our country .

Whenever I travel , I try to figure out what went wrong and what’s going wrong in our country . We have such a huge resources , such a huge budget , so much will power , then what’s going wrong ? Why we are not doing proper justice with our environment and surroundings ? We are changing and we have changed a lot but we still need a lot of will power to bring a revolutionary change before it’s too late .

Out of all countries I have visited like USA , France , Sri Lanka , Egypt , Italy , Singapore ,

Switzerland , Germany , Austria, Mauritius , Australia, UAE , Thailand , I found Greece closest to India in many aspect . Like

Both the countries have beautiful past , rich heritage , invaded by other countries , seen a lot of ups and down on the economic front but both the countries fought back , both the countries have a good old population .

But one thing , which we should learn from Greece is to be proud of their heritage. They love to preserve each and everything that belongs to their past . They admire it , they show it off and they want the world to see it in its original form .

They tried to adjust themselves with the surrounding and did not change the surrounding for their convenience.

They don’t have wide and Long highways in which we are way ahead than them , but they still maintained the existing roads and highways with love and care . You can see beautiful trees and plants all around the country. People don’t pluck it , because flowers look beautiful on trees and trees full of flowers make the surrounding beautiful .

Yes , thanks to 2004 Olympic Games , they got the infrastructural boost , but Still they didn’t convert the City into a concrete jungle . The old buildings have been kept and restored like it used to be before . I won’t say it’s 100% perfect , you can see a lot of modern buildings , which the locals don’t like at all but still 70% of the city has been preserved like it used to be in the past .

On the world environment day , I give this Country full marks for the way they have maintained the modernisation without hampering the beautiful Nature and rich heritage. They do have problems related with environment, economy is not thriving but still they are trying their best to make the country as it was during 70’s and 80’s (Golden Era of Greece)

You will find everything in Greece , from amazing Resturant to a high end Casino to beautiful hills , but they have ensured that the environment and Mother Earth should not be compromised .

They have so many beautiful places , but they have ensured that humans don’t reach to every spot and you will find a lot of fixed spots where humans can go . Less humans , less littering . Even if it’s a small tree or an old tree , Greeks respect them just like humans . I have seen the same kind of love and affection for Environment in Switzerland and Austria .

Its not like We Indians are not working towards achieving “Swaachata” in our Cities and Towns but it’s a long way to go before we achieve the 100% of it .

It‘s better late than never , We have to take the pledge to save and restore the environment like it used to be ! Awareness is more important than Education. You don’t need to serve the Army to show your love for the Nation , even a small gesture like not littering around can also bring a lot of change and shows how much you love our nation .

It’s time to bring the change , staring from your own house !

Happy World’s Environment day !

Here are some beautiful clicks from Greece ! Hope you will like it .

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