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The Life of an Entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

This is not fairy tale , this is not a fancy tale , this is the summary of the lessons I have learnt in last 11 years after my graduation. It can be a lesson book for all of you who wants to be an entrepreneur after your graduation .

First of all remember one thing , the decision of being an entrepreneur is a great decision but it comes with some pre conditions :

  1. There is no weekend , all the days are your working days .

  2. If you are not inheriting a business from your dad then be ready to leave your social life for some years atleast .

  3. The idea of your business will be your friend , your companion and your life for next few years .

  4. If you are not ready to accept rejections , starting a new business won't be a great idea .

During last 11 years into my own venture , I have met thousands of people . Some experiences are worth million of dollars and few are not so good but one thing was common in all , I have learnt alot . These experience taught me how to meet people , what to speak and how to speak . Be what you are . Do not watch You tube talk shows of billionaires , meet people who are not so successful, learn the life lessons from them .

Nothing will come on platter , nor you have to snatch it from anyone . Just have a lot of patience , Your experience with time will fill it with what you want . For some it takes few years , in my case it's still filling and may take 10 more years if everything goes with the same pace.

Social media is very important tool , utilise it for your branding . Stop chit chatting with your friends but try to spend time to reach out to your probable clients . Spend a good time to build your own website . Website is the most important tool for reaching out the serious clients . Make a good website .

Controlling your overheads , thats right !

When you start your business , do not start with making a fancy office in downtown.

Do not hire staffs for those works which you can manage on your own or manage it by out sourcing. Save on electricity , water bills and food bills . Carry your own food to office .

Till the time you think you do not have a fixed and permanent clients , try to work from home or co-working spaces .

Corona period has taught us one thing , a-lot of over heads can only lead to over anxiety. Peaceful mind is the only solution for a productive output .

Do not reveal your client details and work details with anyone .

Always keep a record of everything in a diary , like your meetings , phone number , work brief . This generation has a habit of keeping everything in mobile. From customers details to the work brief . Once you lose your phone , your whole career gets a reset .

Make a habit of taking and keeping the visiting card of your clients and keep it properly in the visiting card book. Also keep a feedback diary with you , always ask your clients , no matter they are happy or sad , to write about their experience in the diary .

Once you have finished your assignment for any client , do not forget the customer . Keep emailing them about your latest works and collections or services . Do this exercise at-least once in 6 months . Do not let them forget you and your phone number .

Try to attend all the events and exhibitions related with your work . There you make real contacts . No matter its a paid event , pay and go . No matter its not in your home city , travel and attend . But do not miss any opportunity .

Participate in international competitions , do not participate to win , participate for experience .

Stay in touch with your college faculties , you can forget them , but they never forget you . They help you without any expectations in mind . Whenever in trouble , trust two people :

  1. Parents

  2. Teachers

Deadlines are very important , if you have taken up a job , try to finish the work before the deadline . Keep sending the work progress details to your clients for zero mis- communication. Even if you are failing to finish the work on time , do not stop taking the calls of that customer. They are the king and make them believe that yes "they are the king".

Even if you are sick, try to finish the work on given time .

Never say anything bad about your one customers to other . That has to be your own personal experience .


If you are not confident about the work or deadline , learn to say "No" . It will only help you to grow your credibility.

Take advance , or take full payment , but do not use that money till the job is done . It's very important for a peaceful mind .

Learn saving the money . Most of the new age entrepreneur has a habit of buying new desktop or iPad as soon as you get your payments . Please avoid till the time you can . You never know a new Covid type of situation is waiting for you and you might need a-lot of money for survival for next few months .

Success does not come without a cost , people around you will always question about your success , never get distracted because of these negative people .

Like I got so many question marks when I got a verification from Instagram , Facebook and Twitter . The question was simple , why I got it ?

I asked them "why not me" ? Is it only reserved for the Nepo kids of the industry or I really need to participate in some idiot reality shows to get one ?

I am a short film maker , represented India in Hollywood , did many national level photography exhibitions . Today I have more than 20 million views on Google .

Is social media verifications only reserved for the elites ?

But it's fine , when you grow , you have to become more settled and calm .

You do not have to be agressive in answering your critiques .

As a growing entrepreneur, I thank all of you who believed in me .

My parents , my Family , my wife Ankita Kochhar , My Business partner, my colleagues , my landlords who stood by me in all my ups and down.

Entrepreneurship is an amazing journey , enjoy each and every moment and take care of your health in the whole journey .

All the best for your new idea .

Sumit Saurabh

Founder ,

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Vijaya Bajpai
Vijaya Bajpai
Apr 20, 2021

Very well articulated the thoughts and struggles of an entrepreneur... Wishing you all the best in all your endeavors Sumit


Shivum Gupta
Shivum Gupta
Feb 13, 2021

Thank you Sir for being an inspiration and guiding light for so many of us 🙏🙏🙏

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