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The Great Indian race of 100%

Year after year , this time of the year Universities like Delhi and Mumbai comes up with cutoffs in their various colleges . Some colleges cutoff goes as high as 99.9% and in 2020 there were few courses in Delhi University where cutoff went upto 100% .

Not joking .

So , what after this,101% ?

This year in 2021, 70,000 students in India scored more than 95% in their 12th exam .

What is wrong with the whole system ?

There is no problem with the students , they never ask for the century in all the subjects . Our system gives it .

I have been in education consultancy since last 11 years and have trained few of the best students in last few years . The problem is not that we give them 95-96-99% in their board exams but the real problem is that we are training the young minds for all the success in their life . Who's going to teach them how to face the failures ?

Who is going to teach them that when you enter the real world and faces the actual task , our kids are not ready to listen a NO or REDO's .

The problem has gone to such extent that a 70% GPA in first semester in the college makes them feel that they are useless . And why not they will feel that ? These kids have always got more than 95% in most of their exams in their secondary school .

The training of failure is as important as the taste of success . Failures and Rejections make these kids ready from their elementary school days for the real tough life ahead .

The life out there is cruel , the industry won't consider your 100% marks before rejecting all your ideas . Your mentors won't spare a single mistake done by you . Who's responsibility is this to train and make these kids industry ready ?

A country where before every olympics we expect our athletes to win gold in all games ,actually gives 30 mins , one day class for sports and physical trainings . Why because we have been taught that marks on your marksheet is everything and the gold medals won by you is not as important as to get admission in top universities of India .

The online studies have made it even worse . The 10-15% real life scolding by teachers are also the things of the past . Now a days , forget about scolding , the kids don't like to hear even mild criticism by the mentors . What are we doing with these poor souls ? Who will take the responsibility for these kids when they get rejections after rejections in the industry and no one will be there to explain them the reason behind it .

It's not like the problem is only within the school and their grading system . The Indian society is one of the biggest reasons behind the race for marks . If you do not score good marks , how will the aunty in your neighbour will respond , who's son has got 99.1% and you have got mere 98.9% in class 9th mid term exams . With this type of pressure , how can a student think of anything else than running the GREAT INDIAN RACE OF 100% ?

We need to stop the idiotic comparisons between any two minds . No two minds in this world can be similar or even closer .Then why comparing two minds with the score they get in school or olympiads they won ?

Every child is special and there is life beyond their report card .

I follow all the logics , speak with so many people who have given their boards in 90's , 80's and 70's , but every-time I fail to understand how come those super successful doctors Engineers Scientist secured 60-70% and not 99% in their boards . I conclude with very simple outcome that the kids are hard working now and we were hard working then also but the leniency in the marking system is killing the real fun of securing and fighting for each and every marks .

Let's think over it and make sure that we teach the coming generation that life is beautiful and much beyond marks.

Even if you love dogs ,

Even if you love old people ,

Even if you draw well ,

Even if you click good pictures ,

Even if you run fast,

Even if you love trekking ,

Even if you love cycling ,

There is a career for you guys .

So even if you do not want to score 100% in 12th , life is bright and beautiful . Explore it .

Written By :

Sumit Saurabh

A student who secured 49.5% in his board exam (2005) and still not a big loser .

Even my life is beautiful without securing a 90% .

Never lose hope , if god has created you , he must have a plan for you !

So live your life and let things go moving in its own pace .

And one last thing , there is a life beyond your mobile phone . Go out and live the moments .

Do not prison yourself in a phone . Explore the blue sky and dusty roads in real life . You will love it more than liking the picture of the same on social media !

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