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Lock To Unlock : The story of the Lockdown


Hi ,

I always loved to click pictures , capture the moments , but never tried my hands in writing and putting up my thoughts on paper . Actually never got time to write .I have worked without any proper breaks since last 11 years. During the 2 months period of lockdown , I got a lot of "ME" time , spent a lot of time with family . Shared and exchanged a-lot of thoughts and got to know so many things about the City during their time and the changes they have witnessed . I can now visualise and picturize the India of 70's and 80's .

They told me that this lockdown is something which even they have not imagined or thought of .

They did not step outside the house even after the relaxation was given . So, I decided to show them the city and the people through my lenses . I kept it black and white and dedicated my Series of Photography to all the people who started their career of photography during the era Black and White camera roll .


I started speaking with the fallen leaves , unused cars , the silent sewing machine , empty chairs, all of them were surprised that why no is taking care of them ? The empty chairs of restaurants are still confused about the month long silence . No one is wiping them and grooming them for starry nights in the Bar .

Yoga and health care centres are relaxing since last 12 weeks and desperately waiting for us to come back .

The kitchens and utensils in every household are surprised to see all the family members together and experimenting something new everyday .

Hand Sanetizers are feeling no less than a super hero and now demanding a peace prize for them.


It was not an easy time for everyone , I went to bus stand , migrant gathering centres . This Covid has broken many dreams , shattered many hopes . It was not an easy thing for so many of us . Leaving behind their workplaces and going for a never ending painful journey for their home . Some of the migrants were walking from last four days , five days and some for even more than 10 days in the hope of reaching home really soon . Some were lucky to reach their homes and few were not so lucky . Government, NGO's and Locals were trying their best to ensure their safety but nothing can be sufficient in a huge country like India .

My sincere respect to all the front line workers specially Police , Doctors , Pilots , NGO workers , Bankers , Medical and Grocery shop staffs for working in these tough times to ensure Country does not stop .

My respect for all the teachers who adapted the new way of online teaching and worked day and night to ensure the learning does not stop .


Everything comes with good and Bad , This lockdown came with so many bad things but this gave a lot of time to our mother Earth to heal herself . Rivers are cleaner , Sky is blue , Toxic air was the story of past , Less Indian cities were in the list of top 100 most polluted cities in the world . Road accidents drastically went down .It made us realise one thing , we do not need billions of Fund to clean air and rivers , we need a lot of self control and super determination.


My tribute as a photographer to everyone who are not with us today and lost their lives because of Covid . We will miss you all .

To all the migrant labours who went to their homeland , comeback soon.

To all the doctors, Nurses and Police , you are our Super Hero .

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